Friday, July 10, 2009

Kerrianna's 5th birthday!

On 7/9/09 we celebrated Kerrianna's 5 th birthday!

Helping make her chocolate-chip cheesecake.

The cake - yummy!

Opening gifts.

Blowing out the candles.

Her new birthday pj's.

New Buckling!

On 7/7/09 GiGi had her first kid, a buckling! He is SO cute, and looks just like his Mom!

GiGi in labor.

Cleaning him off.


2 days old.

New Goats

We purchased some new goats from a friend on 6/26/09.

This is Butterscotch, she is a Nubian (love those ears!)

This is Dora & her two doelings: Juliette & CoCo

Juliette (Left) & CoCo (Right)

Garden #2

Here's some pics of the garden in July, after growing for 2 months!