Friday, July 25, 2008

Serving Our Neighbors

Our church (HOFCC) has been participating in "service" projects all over the Portland/Vancouver area this summer. Check it out here: Since we do not live close enough to participate, we have been looking for ways to help down here... Our neighbors down the road (a homeschooling family of 8) had a HUGE pile of wood they were chopping by hand, so we offered to come help & bring our log-splitter. We had a great time of productive fellowship!

The HUGE pile after we tackled 1/2 of it!

Joshua & Papa running the log-splitter.

Valerie & Samara hauling wood to the shed.

Valerie & Tess hauling wood to the shed.

The wood... so far...

Playing in the sprinkler after working.

Which turned into a water fight! Boys against girls & the girls won!

Kerrianna in the water bucket.

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