Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rick's job status as of August 28, 2008

Well it has been a long time coming but I finally let my wife show me how to post on the blog, so here goes:

As some of you may know, I was laid off, effective August 14. Here in Lebanon there is little opportunity for a job which pays the type of wages I have earned in the semiconductor industry; our options were either relocation (again) or a huge cut in pay. Since this is the 2nd time I have gone through the layoff scenario in this industry my expectations, humanly speaking, were low. But Marcy and I have clung to the hope that comes from our adoption to a heavenly Father who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills" (Psalm 50:10). God owns it all--even we ourselves--and not because we have such a great faith or even due to our righteous works (which the Bible tells us are but filthy rages), but because the Author and Object of our faith is Faithful: the Lord Jesus Christ. He has always provided and I am convinced He always will. Not often as we assume, but however He wills.

One of the options which was possible concerning my employment was the possibility that I and the many others with me who were also laid off MAY get a certification from the US Dept. of Labor which would enable qualified persons to get job training. When I was laid off from Fujitsu in early 2002 our group did not qualify. So I had little hope that we would qualify this time around as well, especially considering that the circumstances were essentially identical. BUT, despite all the doubt and uncertainty, I was notified yesterday that our group of employees HAS BEEN CERTIFIED FOR RETRAINING BY THE US DOL!!! This is the BEST possible news! This is my ticket out of the roller coaster ride of the D-RAM semiconductor industry!! It is only a matter of time now until I will personally be certified since I possess no college degree. As far as I understand it I will be able to go to college and earn a 2-year degree in another field all the while collecting unemployment benefits WITHOUT having to look for or accept work! I should be able to focus on college without the burden of working concurrently. I am very excited! Many years ago I opted to marry and have a family and not pursue college--when I was 19 I didn't even have a clue what I wanted "to be when I grow up", as it were. But now, I think I know and would ask you to Praise the Lord with me for His provision and faithfulness, and continue in prayer for me as to how my college/training should unfold unto His overarching purpose upon my life.

When I lost me job at Fujitsu in 2002, I spent more than 9 months studying to become a Private Investigator. While I did well with my studies it wasn't until the end of that period that I sat down with a licensed PI for a counselling session that I begain to doubt whether that was really what I wanted to do. I ended up putting that pursuit on the back burner and thankfully was able to get a great job at Hynix several months later. And for 5 years Hynix has but bread on the table at the Driver Household--and I am thankful for those 5 years.

Now as I am considering what to do with my life, and facing the very real possibility of being able to get into a different industry something occurred to me during my soul-searching that has drawn me toward the place where I now find myself. I would ask you to pray with me in this as I feel very strongly drawn to a vocation in nursing. I use the word "vocation" quite on purpose; the root of this word denotes a "calling". While I have yet to receive any divine utterances or dreams and visions to lead me down this path, nevertheless it has strong appeal to me. Firstly I began by considering health care in general because of the excellent job market in that industry. Secondly I had considered two other areas of interest which apppealed to me: radiology and polysomnography (sleep studies). But although both is these have elements of human contact I felt as if that was a waste of the personality and benevolence that God has uniquely gifted me with. Not that I am something so special, but that He has made me for His greater glory--and I want to care for others--like the nurses I saw care for Caleb while he was hospitalized several years ago. I could be that. I would LIKE to be that. So I am actively pursuing this avenue and covet your prayers for me and mine. For also my health (migraines) and finances and God's purpose for us and where we should be or move or stay or ??? He will show us the way, and provide for His will to be accomplished. Please praise with us for this wonderful, providential turn of events and tarry with us in pursuit of His calling on our lives for His glory! Thank you for your concerns and prayers for us; they are effective and appreciated! --Rick

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Isaac Harris said...

Marcy directed me to your blog and I really appreciated reading about the things God has been stirring in your heart, Rick. I want to refer you to Proverbs 3, actually the entire chapter. I hope it will encourage you to continue to trust our Lord and confidently expect that He will make your path straight and cause you to walk on your way securely. May the Lord truly be your confidence. Praying for you! Blessings, Sono