Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Animals

We've had many more baby animals born since we've moved.

On April 11th, Eisa had a lamb.

On 4/28 Thora had a preemie lamb & she rejected her, so we've been bottle feeding her. She lived in a dog carrier in the laundry room for the first 2-3 weeks.

Almost 3 weeks later... she's moved out with the goats

On May 4th Spooky had her calf.

2 weeks later...

We also purchased a dozen more layers (Barred Plymoth Rock & White Leghorns), two dozen fryers, and Chukars (a gane-bird related to Partridges).

The layers are ~7 weeks old & the Fryers are ONLY 4 weeks old!! The fryers look bald, because they're getting their feathers.


Stay tuned for more pictures... as we have a goat due in July & another heifer due in November.

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