Friday, May 16, 2008

Being Frugal

Being "Frugal" is a discipline that I have always tried to follow, but with the rising cost of gas & groceries (due to gas prices) I have been challenged to find ways to cut costs. God is our provider and I glorify Him by using the things He gives us wisely. Early on in our marriage, when money was VERY tight, I made a lot of things from scratch out of necessity. Then raises came, more children came, I started homeschooling & quite frankly, I got lazy. I am now doing some of those things again: making homemade bread products, spice mixes, mayonnaise, etc. I have been greatly inspired by some of the young mothers at our church & their websites – check them out here:;; THANK YOU Lindsay & Kimi!! My next project is to learn to make cheese – we’ve been getting almost ½ gallon of goat milk a day from Uni! That’s only milking her once, too! Here are some pictures of Valerie & I making homemade whole wheat rolls. YUMMO!

Freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour (we use Hard White Wheat Berries)

Mixing the dough - Thank you Rick, for my K-Tec Mixer (9 years & still loving it!)

The dough after it had doubled.

Mom kneading the dough.

Valerie shaping the rolls.

The rolls after shaping, but before they had risen.

The finished product - Yummo!

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riconnaissance said...

Too bad I'm at work...looks yummy ladies! I guess I'll just have to wait 'til I get home!